Jabari Parker doesn’t have any qualms about playing in Milwaukee for the Bucks.

So says two people who are quite close to him: his father Sonny and former Duke University teammate Rodney Hood.

Jabari Parker is a consensus top-three prospect for the June 26 NBA draft and there is a strong possibility he could be chosen by the Bucks, who have the second overall selection.

“Jabari just wants to play ball; He won’t have any issues about playing in Milwaukee, not at all,’’ said Hood, a projected lottery pick himself. “And, if he went to Milwaukee, it would only be a short distance away from his home, which would be good. He’d be fine with that.’’

Sonny Parker, who resides in Chicago, also noted how Milwaukee’s close proximity to the Windy City was appealing for his son and the Parker family.

“We don’t have a preference where he plays,’’ said Parker, who was chosen by Golden State as the 17th overall selection in the 1976 NBA draft and played six seasons for the Warriors. “But I live in Chicago and Milwaukee is not that far away, so that would be good.

“Jabari just wants to play and do whatever it takes to help his team win. So, no, he wouldn’t mind playing in Milwaukee and that’s the truth.’’

Sonny Parker said he and Jabari are familiar with Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Sonny said his son played in several Amateur Athletic Union tournaments in Milwaukee and had attended some camps there as well.

“It would be nice if he went there (to Milwaukee),’’ Sonny said. “It’s a straight drive (on highway 94) to Milwaukee; I wouldn’t have to get on a plane.

“Milwaukee is a nice town. It’s not as big as Chicago, of course, but it’s similar to Chicago in that it’s on the lakefront. It’s a nice community.’’

Hood said he felt Jabari Parker was more concerned about being the best player he can be rather than the NBA city he plays in.

Said Hood: “He’s committed to being a great player. He wants to be a great player.’’

Sonny Parker said his son is driven to excel and has seriously studied the pro game for years, Sonny said Jabari has become almost obsessed with watching the classic games on NBA TV and YouTube, trying to glean knowledge from the game’s legendary players.

Sonny said Jabari was particularly interested in players who exhibited an all-around game.

“Jabari is a throw-back; he watches old-school basketball games all the time,’’ Sonny Parker said. “He’s watched Bob Cousy and Earl Monroe and Jerry West and Pete Maravich.

“And he likes Oscar Robertson; he likes Magic Johnson, he likes those types of players. Larry Bird is another one. He likes well-rounded players, the guys who can shoot, rebound and pass. He likes their versatility.’’

The 6-foot-9 Parker clearly demonstrated he’s got an exquisite all-around game himself in his one season at Duke. He averaged a team-leading 19.1 points a game and only once in 35 games did he fail to score in double figures. Defensively, he led the Blue Devils in rebounds, averaging 8.7 rebounds a game. He also led Duke in blocked shots with 43.