Zlatan Ibrahimovic is used to entertaining crowds with delicious skills serving opposition defences with one of the trickiest games of their career and setting up teammates for goals on a plate.

Now thoughthe Swedish striker who will be presented for a meal in the form of a luxury 600g burger on the outskirts of Paris.

Jean-Phillipe Grandin the manager of Doddy's Cafe created the burger that has the 'power and strength' of the PSG forward.

Grandin told Le Parisien that the burger was a 'cheese and taste character just like Ibrahimovic' and revealed that only seven people had managed to finish the treat so far.

The monster meal contains minced beef with onions bacon three types of cheese including cheddar Emmental and Auvergne Blue all in the restaurant's unique bun.

In case you want to take on 'Le Zlatan' be wary - the burger will set you back £25 (€2990)

The dominant striker has bullied many defenders during his career so much so that he has earned his own slang word with many restaurant goers claiming they have been 'Zlataned' by the dish.