Bill Parcells believes fans of the Dallas Cowboys should be grateful to have Jerry Jones as the owner of their team.

“I have a high regard for him,” Parcells said Tuesday of Jones during a conference call conducted by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which Parcells will enter in August.

“He has a tremendous amount of passion for the franchise and I think the people are lucky to have him, lucky to have him as an owner, because they’re not all the same. I can tell you that. Having a guy like that and what he tries to do on a yearly basis there is great.”

Parcells coached Dallas from 2003-2006, compiling a 34-30 record, which included a pair of losses in the first round of the playoffs.

Jones turned to Parcells after three straight 5-11 seasons. The strange marriage between two men with massive egos was expected to end in divorce, but they managed to work well together and parted on good terms.

“He’s a straightforward, honest guy,” Parcells said of Jones. “He really is. That’s all I look for. He was very supportive of me as a coach. Now were there things going on that occasionally I didn’t like? Yeah, there were, but that didn’t inhibit me from going to him, talking things out. He’s really great about that.”

Parcells retired after the Cowboys’ heat-breaking 21-20 loss at Seattle in 2006, a first-round game best remembered for Tony Romo bobbling the snap on a chip-shot field goal attempt that likely would have handed Dallas the win.