Steve Smith might be the greatest playmaker in Carolina Panthers history -- by a long shot -- but that might not matter this spring, as the club attempts to improve its salary-cap outlook for the 2014 season.

Which brings us to this: While promoting his charitable foundation to eradicate domestic violence, Smith (836 catches, 12,197 yards, 67 TDs) recently told The Charlotte Observer that he's "not ready to not play," a vague, open-ended desire to extend his pro career another one, two or three years.

But will that happen with the Panthers, the only franchise Smith has known for 13 NFL seasons?

General manager Dave Gettleman, who assumed control of the Panthers' operations last year, recently stirred a bit of controversy at the NFL Scouting Combine, saying Smith has "had a great career, he really has. None of us are here forever."

Modern-day NFL fans understand that even borderline Hall of Famers, especially non-quarterbacks, rarely stay with one franchise for their entire career.