Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason has heard the talk throughout the offseason.

Coming off three surgeries in a 17-month span, Beason is broken down, used up, finished, according to some fans and critics.

Beason, who turned 28 in January, doesn’t agree with the reports of his early demise. But he gets it.

“As fans, you understand that it’s all about the experience. They want to go to the game. They want to see a great product. They want their team to win, and win Super Bowls. That’s it. I understand that. That’s what you hope to deliver,” Beason said. “When you do get hurt, you get a chance to sit back and watch how nothing changes.”

What Beason meant is that when Player X gets hurt, the team plugs in Player Y and keeps going.

In the Panthers’ case, Player Y turned out to be The Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year and the league leader in tackles.

Now Luke Kuechly has Beason’s former spot at middle linebacker.

Beason, speaking at the launch of his charitable foundation Tuesday at the Palm restaurant, said he is open to playing outside linebacker, is recovering well from knee and shoulder surgeries and expects to return to his pre-injury form.