Panthers center Stephen Weiss said Wednesday morning the pain in his right wrist was so severe he wasn’t helping himself or his team.

After consulting with specialists at the Cleveland Clinic on Monday, Weiss made the decision to have season-ending surgery.

“It doesn’t make sense to keep playing like this,” he said. “I have to get it fixed. … You can’t fake your way through this league. It’s too good.”

Weiss said the procedure, which he had once before at the end of the 2008-09 season, would be done in Cleveland on Tuesday by Dr. Thomas Graham. Weiss also had surgery on his left wrist in 2006. He has been told he would be able to shoot pucks again in three months.

Weiss said he has had pain in the wrist for over a year and had an MRI done last year that showed he had a problem. Weiss said not properly taping it during NHL lockout workouts and the repetitiveness of taking shot after shot likely contributed to the deterioration.

“This surgery was the last resort. I didn’t want to have a second one done,” said Weiss, who had just one goal off 19 shots in 17 games this season. Weiss averaged 2.12 shots per game and 23 goals per year over the past three seasons.