The idea of Rick Nash playing on a line with an All-Star center sounds great. It's what Blue Jackets fans have waited eight seasons to watch, right?

Jeff Carter, however, doesn't arrive from Philadelphia with a play-maker's reputation. He is a goal scorer, a forward who wants to finish rather than create.

The Jackets need all the offensive help they can muster, yet there's no guarantee the talents of Carter and Nash will mesh on the same line.

"We will have to make sacrifices, but I think it will work out well," Carter said. "If we can find someone who's more of a (passer), it can work out real well."

Carter has ranked among the NHL's top four in shots the past three seasons. The Flyers played him primarily on the right wing last season, when he scored 36 goals.

He has averaged 30 goals in his six NHL seasons - two fewer than Nash.

Will they become the NHL's version of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, two finishers too much alike to play on the same line? Carter doesn't think so.