Wide receiver Cecil Shorts admitted he played in pain Sunday but insisted that had no effect on two drops that cost the Jaguars a pair of scores in their 24-6 loss to San Diego.

“I put the blame on myself” Shorts said. “Those were two slants that are routine for me. I’ve made them a hundred times in practice and a hundred times in games. They were easy catches and I messed up. I’m not holding my head down but I was very upset with myself. I was in here crying. It’s part of the game. I’ll bounce back and play well this week.”

Shorts’ first drop was on a 3rd-and-3 from the San Diego 12 in the second quarter. Had he caught it the Jaguars would have trailed 14-7 instead of 14-3 after they took the field goal. Shorts said a touchdown there could have given the Jaguars needed momentum.

The second was another third-down play at the San Diego 7 on the Jaguars’ last drive. The game was out of reach but Shorts was still upset. On the next play Chad Henne was sacked on fourth down. The Chargers then ran out the clock and the Jaguars were still looking for their first home touchdown of the season.

Shorts caught eight of 13 passes thrown his way for 80 yards and he and Justin Blackmon were lauded by coach Gus Bradley for playing hurt. Blackmon caught six passes for 58 yards.

“I was impressed” Bradley said. “We looked at them today and they’re both hurting a little bit. I give them a lot of credit. They fought through it. We had four receivers up and they knew the challenges and knew they had to tough it out. You could see Justin out there limping. Cecil’s shoulder and things like that. They sold out it was just one of those days.”

Shorts who sprained a shoulder joint last week said he didn’t consider not playing.

“I knew I was playing since early in the week. My mind was made up. They [doctors and team] didn’t have a choice. I was ready to go.’’

He said the doctors told him he could play if he could deal with the pain.

Asked if he was playing at 80 or 90 percent Shorts responded “I don’t know per cent but I know pain and I was in a lot of it.”