Yesterday, started posting Steamer projections for 2013 on their player pages. They post both hitter and pitcher projections, but the the pitcher ones are more interesting. You see, there are have a few statistical studies that have tried to figure out which projection system is the most accurate. A couple of those studies are here and here. The common result is that the Steamer projections for pitchers show the least amount of error. For me, that makes them a little more interesting that most. Realistically, it's probably more useful if you're using them for fantasy baseball. But this being a Padres blog and me having free reign with what I post what I want, I figured I could share the Padres ones here.

When the guys that created Steamer were asked what made them different from others they listed two factors that were used that made them stand out. One was fastball velocity and the other was pitcher handedness. Fastball velocity makes sense. More times than not a pitcher will become less effective as his fastball gets slower. A small elite few will make adjustments, many others won't. The handedness, I think, applies to this fastball velocity. Lefties don't require as much velocity to be effective.

Okay, let's get to the numbers. One thing you should know is that the playing time was determined my crowd sourcing baseball fans. They could be way off and that would impact the counting stats.