Team president Mark Murphy would like to have Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre around the Packers organization for a long time.

He's trying to accomplish both things right now.

For the first time, Murphy acknowledged publicly that the Packers are pursuing a long-term deal with Rodgers that would likely be done before the start of this season and make him the highest-paid player in the NFL.

"It's a priority," Murphy said. "I think as an organization, I think we all want to see that get done."

Murphy said he didn't know where things stood between Rodgers' agent, David Dunn, who is here at the Arizona Biltmore, and negotiator Russ Ball. Both Murphy and general manager Ted Thompson have told reporters to check with Ball to see where things stand, but Ball is under strict orders not to talk to reporters.

Murphy said the Packers would not have a problem coming up with the cash to fund what is expected to be as much as $50 million in guaranteed money - not all of which will be paid upfront - and has assured Thompson and Ball not to worry about that in negotiations.

The Packers made $42.7 million in profit last year and will probably turn a pretty nice profit this year, too, so they should have plenty of cash around, even with a renovation project going on.

"It's not an issue at all," Murphy said. "I think we've talked through with Russ and Ted and we have more than enough resources to do whatever they need to do."

Rodgers is in year six of a seven-year, $65 million contract he signed in November of 2008, his first year as a starter. He is scheduled to make $9.75 million of salary this year, which is far behind the yearly average of the top quarterbacks in the game.

Meanwhile, Murphy said that he thought the Packers were getting closer to having Brett Favre return to have his number retired.