You create your own luck. Alex Van Pelt is living proof.

Take a risk, gamble on yourself and good things tend to happen.

The year was 1987 and Van Pelt was a total unknown in Grafton, W.Va. Recruiters had no clue who this backup quarterback was, and he was sure they never would if he stayed there.

So with one year left, Van Pelt moved to San Antonio. He got noticed. He took care of the rest. And today, he's Aaron Rodgers' position coach.

After switching from running backs to quarterbacks in February, Van Pelt said he wanted to find new ways to "challenge" Rodgers. His past — his moving 1,500 miles away as a kid — suggests he will.

"It's been good," Van Pelt said of the switch. "It's something I felt comfortable doing. For me, it was just catching up and learning how you coach the quarterbacks in Green Bay. Obviously, it's been very successful."

Van Pelt's path to Green Bay began with a cross-country leap. As a teen, he made a career decision, leaving his father and two sisters behind in West Virginia to live with his mother in San Antonio. His reasoning was simple. At Grafton High School, Van Pelt witnessed the quarterback ahead of him (Brian Cochrane) receive no interest from Division I schools.

This was long before and the era of modern recruiting, which may soon include sonogram scans for "upside." But Van Pelt's buddy only received a partial baseball scholarship to Fairmont State University.

Van Pelt believed in himself. He just figured nobody else would.