The Green Bay Packers announced on Monday that they will institute a flat increase in the price of tickets by $3 for the 2014 season. This week, Packers season ticket-holders will receive a brochure in the mail that includes the new prices, upcoming home opponents for next season, as well as further updates on the Lambeau Field atrium renovations. The brochure also includes details on the team's review of playoff ticket invoicing procedures, including the "pay as we play" option. So unlike last season, season-ticket holders will have the payment applied only if a playoff game is certain.

Below are the new the ticket prices, as specified in the announcement:

End zone: $77
South end zone, in the 700 level: $85
End zone to the 20-yard line: $88
South end zone, 600 level: $92
Between the 20-yard lines: $100