The Green Bay Packers are facing a whirlwind of personnel and financial decisions in the next three weeks that will shape their roster for years to come.

General manager Ted Thompson and vice president Russ Ball are giving consideration to using the franchise-player tag on wide receiver Greg Jennings, which was reported Sunday by

The Journal Sentinel also learned that the Packers remain torn about the future of polarizing tight end Jermichael Finley.

Sources indicated that Thompson and the coaching staff appear to favor keeping Finley, while other people within the organization, including members of the personnel department, favor his release.

The decisions on Jennings and Finley are being played out against the backdrop of the Packers' desire to extend the contracts of linebacker Clay Matthews and quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the next few months.

Matthews could attempt to surpass the six-year contract averaging $16 million per year ($50M guaranteed) that defensive end Mario Williams signed as an unrestricted free agent in March.

Rodgers, who ranks 12th at his position in average salary per year at $12.7M, is expected to vault past New Orleans' Drew Brees ($20M) and become the highest-paid player in the league.

The releases of safety Charles Woodson and center Jeff Saturday earlier this month gave the Packers a cap-room boost of almost $14 million.

Rather than dole out typical tenders to their five restricted free agents, the Packers might not tender tight end Tom Crabtree plus linebackers Rob Francois and Frank Zombo for $1.323M in hopes of resigning Crabtree and Francois for closer to the $660,000 minimum for players with three seasons of free-agent credit.

But as decision time looms, it's clear the Packers are having serious misgivings about letting fixtures such as Jennings and Finley just walk away.

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