When everybody was laughing at Eddie Lacy Mike Daniels knew defensive players across the NFL had a much much different take.

You remember the photo the unflattering angle of Lacy catching a pass in a July practice. It set off a social-media fire. Right away Daniels insisted the guys who have to tackle Lacy were shuddering not snickering.

Inside the visitor's locker room after Green Bay's 19-17 win Sunday the Packers' defensive end leaned his head back in satisfaction.

"This is exactly what I was talking about" Daniels said. "It is exactly what I was talking about. There'll be a point where people dive out of his way and I can't wait for that day to come. I really can't."

On Sunday Lacy was again the one-man jackhammer giving Green Bay's offense an attitude. With 120 yards on 23 carries the rookie proved his extra weight is a good thing. Listed generously at 230 pounds he barreled downhill and helped the Packers win in a new way.

Running hard against the Detroit Lions was one thing. Doing it on the road at Baltimore would be another.

"He's a big strong kid" Daniels said. "I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually puts his hand in the dirt and plays with us. But hey he can run the rock so they might as well leave him over there."

Against the Ravens Lacy started fast and finished strong.

After cutting loose for gains of 10 and 37 yards on his first two carries Lacy figured he'd have success against the aggressive Ravens' front. Green Bay effectively swept defenders out of the play and Lacy stayed patient. The way left tackle David Bakhtiari describes it the hole drawn up on paper may not always be the hole that opens up on the field.

The Packers need a back capable of making the same on-the-fly reads as the line. Through these last two games Lacy has.

Behind Josh Sitton and Bakhtiari Lacy's 37-yarder teed up a field goal. In the fourth quarter he converted a third and 2 that bled the clock from 7 minutes 29 seconds to 4 minutes 20 seconds. Then on the Packers' final drive his runs of 9 and 4 iced the win.