Jordany Valdespin will have soup-to-nuts protection the next time he steps on a baseball field.

“I never use a cup, but I’ve got to use it because I’m really scared of the ball hitting me in the balls,” the Mets utilityman said yesterday, two days after he was drilled in the genitals — without a cup to absorb the impact — by a Justin Verlander fastball. “I have to do it now so I never forget.”

Valdespin said he is fine physically, but was told to take yesterday off as the Mets traveled to Viera, Fla., for an exhibition game against the Nationals.

Though outfielders sometimes forgo the extra protection, Valdespin — who is splitting time between second base and the outfield this spring — indicated he will wear a cup regardless of what position he plays.

“All positions I have to use it because you never know,” Valdespin said. “The ball can take a bad hop and hit me again, so I don’t want to get into trouble.”

Valdespin said getting hit by Verlander’s 94-mph heater was the scariest moment of his career.

“Oh, yeah, baby — very scared,” Valdespin said. “I felt like I didn’t have nothing at the time, but everything is normal, it’s just fine.”