Third year player Lance Stephenson had been little more than a role player when the 2012-2013 season began. Then, when news broke that Danny Granger was going to be sidelined with a knee injury, he was thrust into the starting lineup. Being asked to hold down the fort while Granger was recovering, Stephenson was forced to play a role with which he was unfamiliar. Pretty scary, when you consider the expectations surrounding the team this season.

In the NBA, all great role players have a niche. An area in which they specialize, that betters the team significantly. Whether that be three-point shooting, defense, forcing the tempo, passing, etc., all great role players are responsible for an area of the game. Stephenson has long been a role player without a niche. His first few seasons, he was thrust into games that were already decided. People always talked about his potential, but the Pacers never really had a need for him in games. They had everything under control.