Indiana Pacers' star Paul George supposedly declined to participate in the 2014 Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, according to the Indy Star. While George does apparently prefer to rest during the weekend instead of participating in the skills competition, dunk contest, and 3-point shootout, he told that he hasn't actually declined anything yet and wants to keep his options open.

In fact, he'll participate in the dunk contest again if the contest is taken more seriously and the competition is good. From

The chances of him competing are slim, as he would prefer to rest and enjoy the weekend in The Big Easy. He is still open to the idea of taking part in at least one event and plans to decide in the next few days.

When asked whether he had declined the offers, George said, “No, I haven't declined. I'm keeping my options open.”

In particular with the dunk contest, George, who fans would love to see be involved after he showed off a 360-degree slam in Saturday's win, would like to see it taken more seriously.

“It would all depend on who's in it,” he stated. “I want to be in it when the competition is good.”