The $13-million question surrounding the Indiana Pacers and Danny Granger is: when will he overcome his patellar tendinosis and get back on the court to help the team?

There’s no definite answer for that, according to Dr. Christopher Kaeding, orthopedic surgeon at Ohio State University Sports Medicine.

Granger has been sidelined for all but five games this season because of the injury to his left knee. The Pacers will not comment on the injury due to HIPPA laws. Granger has declined interview requests since the team announced he was going to be shutdown again March 6.

Patellar tendinosis, often referred to as “jumper’s knee,” is when the tendon is overloaded and becomes inflamed.

“It often occurs in athletes who do a lot of jumping, explosive moves, sudden starts, sudden stopping,” Kaeding said. “It can be one of those things where it hurts so much that you have a hard time walking up and down the stairs.”

Kaeding declined to talk specifically about Granger because he’s not Granger’s doctor.

Red flags went up when the Pacers announced two weeks ago that Granger would be shut down again because of “above average” soreness in his knee after attempting a shot against the Chicago Bulls on March 3.