No matter the role, Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson is just content to be wearing an NBA uniform.

“I’m just happy I’m playing, happy I’m on the court with a playoff team,” Stephenson said in Cleveland earlier this week.

Stephenson was an integral part of those two Pacers teams that went to back-to-back conference finals in 2013 and 2014. Both times they ran into LeBron James’ Miami Heat, whose streak of six consecutive NBA Finals appearances is still ongoing.

Now, facing a 2-0 deficit in the first round and a different James-led team in the Cleveland Cavaliers, Stephenson is saying all the right things.

“It’s the playoffs. The playoffs get me hyped, wanting to get up every day and play each day,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “That’s not just because of LeBron.”

Stephenson was hesitant to engage the topic of James, perhaps given his infamous ear-blowing incident in the 2014 Eastern Conference finals. But the reality is that Stephenson was a pest on the defensive end then, and, to a lesser degree, he’s still an irritant to James and his teammates this time around.

Despite his circuitous NBA path, Stephenson was one of only a handful of players who ever had a chance at slowing down James. Aside from being physical, what’s Stephenson’s strategy?