On Saturday, Paul George dribbled the ball behind his back, then between his legs and scored easily at the rim. Then, George displayed a dizzying first-step move to the basket that would have left a defender scrambling to stay in front of him, and once again flipped in a layup.

Time after time, George had no problem getting to the basket. Of course this was inside the Quicken Loans Arena practice court after an Indiana Pacers workout in preparation for today's game against Cleveland. There were no seven-foot obstacles standing in his way. No trio of gray-shirted officials refusing to blow their whistles. And so, George could finish every layup, every teardrop and not feel as if an injustice had occurred.

For well over a month, George, a rising star in the NBA, has consistently cried foul about the way he has been officiated. Save for a cleverly veiled tweet back in February, George has mostly kept his protests to the court after perceived no-calls, not overtly blasting referees to the media.

However on Friday night, George made his disgust known after the Pacers' 91-78 loss to the Washington Wizards.

"I thought they were great looks, every last one of them," George said, while answering a question about the team's shot attempts. "I don't know if they were all clean. It's just crazy. We played against a team (Miami) the other night where if you breathed on a guy, he went to the line. I'm not saying I'm the caliber player but it's just frustrating."

During the Wizards game, George was rewarded three shooting fouls (he made all six free throws) but at other times when he did not hear a whistle, he complained by throwing up both arms in exasperation.