When the Indiana Pacers came together again on Monday, the stench of "last night" lingered in the locker room like a hamper full of dirty socks. Not enough time had passed to shake off the bad loss in Orlando — a good thing for a team with a long memory and high aspirations. While they may never truly forget, the result on Monday night helped to refocus the Pacers.

Indiana snapped back to reality by destroying the Denver Nuggets 119-80, setting a season-best victory margin. David West played mean, the defense played together and most of all, the team played for an entire 48-minute game.

"We were disappointed with how last night ended," West said. "That was a game we let get away from us because we didn't play the right way, we didn't honor the basketball gods and (they) made us pay. So we lost the game and we talked about that today."

Yes, there were a few too-cute passes and messy turnovers after the Indiana starters opened a big second-half lead. But unlike Sunday night, when they lost a 17-point, second-half lead to one of the worst teams in the NBA, the coasting did not cost the Pacers (40-11).