One picture spoke a thousand words. Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert had just fumbled a perfect interior pass from Evan Turner right at the rim, and the TV cameras caught team President Larry Bird holding his head in his hands.

What could he have been thinking at that moment in the second quarter of the Pacers' 98-85 Game 3 loss to the Atlanta Hawks?

I'm paying this guy $14 million and change? ... How am I ever going to unload him in the off-season?... Is it too late to rename Area 55 to Area 28?

It's really very simple and kind of sad given the deep reservoir of goodwill the big man has built up in Indianapolis: Hibbert is killing the Pacers right now. He can't catch a pass. He can't get a rebound. He can't make a shot, either from mid-range or from right in front of the rim. And if coach Frank Vogel stays with him, if Vogel continues to start him or play him a significant number of minutes, he deserves to go down with the sinking ship.

The bottom line is, the Pacers are better right now with a front line that features David West and Luis Scola, a fact that was hammered home when the Pacers used the small lineup to make a middling fourth-quarter run at the Hawks.

After the game, Vogel was asked several times, in several different ways, if Hibbert would be in the starting lineup Saturday afternoon for Game 4.

"We'll see,'' he said. He paused. "Probably.''

Feel free to read a lot into that response. Because he is, in fact, thinking about putting Hibbert on the bench. In the past, Vogel would never remotely entertain the notion of doing anything other than starting and playing Hibbert, but twice he was asked if Hibbert would start, and twice he said, "We'll see.''

"We'll look at everything,'' Vogel continued. "I can't say (he's starting in Game 4) for right now. But I do have confidence in Roy Hibbert. I do have that. He hasn't played well in this series to this point, but I do have great confidence in him.