At some point on Monday, Indiana Pacers associate head coach Brian Shaw will have a conversation with the team.

It could before the team’s morning shootaround at American Airlines Arena. It could be after.

It may not be until right before the team takes the court for the biggest game of most of the players’ NBA careers.

Game 7. Eastern Conference finals. On the road. The Miami Heat, the back-to-back conference representative in the NBA Finals.

Shaw doesn’t know how long he’ll talk, but the gist of the message will be simple.

Leave it all out there and don’t head back to the locker room after the game with any regrets.

Shaw would know. He’s played and coached in “more Game 7s than I can remember.”

The rest of the Pacers?

Not so much.

Backup center Ian Mahinmi is the only player on the Pacers roster who had reached the conference finals in his career prior to this season.

“You have to lose yourself in it because everybody dreams of these situations as a kid,” Shaw said. “The pressure is on (the Heat), they’re the defending champions. It’s on their homecourt. They were expected to win the series by everyone’s predication besides ours. The guys just need to hang loose and have fun, don’t save anything, leave it all out the floor and see what happens.”