The play looked so tight and worked so well, that you would have thought the Indiana Pacers designed it during one of their final timeouts inside the sold-out Staples Center.

In a close game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Lance Stephenson stepped to the foul line with six seconds remaining. Make both and the Pacers would have a comfortable four-point cushion, but Stephenson's second attempt clanged off the rim. That's when Roy Hibbert had a flashback to his eighth-grade gym class days and tapped the loose ball back. David West, ready in the right spot, then smacked the ball again backwards until it found the hands of George Hill.

Those two tremendously timed offensive rebounds helped Indiana defeat the Clippers, 105-100.

No, the volleyball match that broke out at the end of a basketball game was not how the Pacers foresaw the victory unfolding. Coach Frank Vogel did not draw up the moment. Still, the play and the overall defensive effort — credited for slowing down dynamic point guard Chris Paul (6-for-15 shooting) — looked to be the design that the Pacers will need to survive and dominate the next four challenges.

"This was the blueprint for how we've got to play on this West Coast road trip," forward Paul George said. "There's going to be some tough games. I expect every game to be a grind-out game.

"I'm glad that we found that we packed our defense on the road."

George, who also packed his fashion forward, loud red button-down shirt, had another one of his "For Your Consideration" moments in the first quarter as he made tough jumpers and scored nine of his game-high 27 points.