Ozzie Guillen is not waving the white flag on closer Heath Bell. Not yet.

The Marlins manager told a group of reporters a moment ago that he intends to stick with Bell as his ninth-inning stopper despite the veteran pitcher's run of poor outings, the most recent of which came last night when he entered in the ninth and the Giants rallied for two runs to send the game into extra innings.

"We're a better team with Bell closing," Guillen said. "There's no doubt. That's what we want. That's what I want. I never manage for the fans. I never manage for the owners. I never manage for the media. I manage for the ball club, and obviously we need wins. And I'm going to give Bell every opportunity out there to fail again, because we're a better ball club with him as closer. And I want him to be the closer. And he's getting paid to be the closer. And that's the reason we signed him to be the closer.

"I know he's not pitching well. We all know that. He's throwing the ball good. He's just not getting people out. I'm not going to unplug that (stuff) yet. It's too early. If you do that, maybe they lose confidence."