Only one and a half years removed from the vaunted 2011 NHL Entry Draft, one of the Senators three first round selections is already making an impact on the NHL roster. Zibanejad's performance, both now and in the future, will be scrutinized to a much greater degree than his fellows among Ottawa's draft class of that season. Yet, the three first rounders will always be spoken of in the same breath.

Other players, such as Shane Prince and Jean-Gabriel Pageau, face some expectation of success, but not to the same degree as Zibanejad, Puempel and Noesen. Conventional wisdom dictates that first-round picks should become NHL players. Moreover, each of these players was elevated almost to a specific roster spot. Zibanejad was to be a top-six, physical, two-way impact performer, Puempel a top-line sniper and Noesen a wealthy man's checking forward, complete with a secondary scoring touch.

So, how long until we can start evaluating all their play with a fine tooth comb, as we have Zibanejad these past two weeks?

Puempel and Noesen are both in their final year of Junior, both in the Ontario Hockey League, both on teams in clinched playoff spots and both looking to make a push for the Memorial Cup. Their stat line this year is also relatively similar: both are hovering around a point-per-game. Puempel is working off a record of 38 points through 44 games-- 29 of them goals. He won't have much of a problem reaching his third thirty-goal season in four years.

Noesen has a slightly better 43 points through 42. He would need a goal in each of his final seven games of the regular season to attain the same feat Puempel is likely to reach. Although, Noesen did notch a hat-trick last week.