Paul MacLean stopped some drills Friday and raised his voice a couple of times.

If practice makes perfect he's still searching for that in the way the Senators are playing as they prepare to face the San Jose Sharks at the SAP Center Saturday night.

MacLean isn't complaining his club has four of a six possible points through its first three games but he'd like to see more consistency and better discipline as this season-opening six-game trip winds its way towards a conclusion next Tuesday.

No MacLean doesn't expect perfection but he would like the Senators to get back to playing the way they're capable of because at the moment not everybody is getting the job done.

Coming out of a long training camp quite frankly MacLean thinks the Senators should be better.

"We have to stop taking penalties and shooting ourselves in the foot by doing that" said MacLean. "Also some of the aspects we turn the puck over and that's a self-inflicted type of injury that gives the opposition momentum or even goals.

"Those are two important things that we need to make sure (they're doing right). A lot of those things are focus and concentration."

MacLean said the Senators need to be better immediately.

"We have to deal with them now but for me that was what training camp was for and then when the season starts you should be ready to go" said MacLean.

"There's lots of ways you can argue I suppose but we need to find our game. Right now we haven't found it. We don't play as good as we need to play. The good news is we've gotten points in every game but the things we need to do that make us a good team we don't (do) consistently yet."

It might be early but MacLean noted if the Senators want to be considered a top team in the East they need to do the work that got them there last year.