You would think that after a season in which they went 93-69, advancing to the American League Division Series, the Baltimore Orioles would enter the 2013 regular season with higher expectations. But Baltimore again finds itself doubted outside the organization, with numerous media outlets skeptical the club can repeat last year's success, picking the O's to finish last in the AL East, or at least outside of the playoff picture.

Inside the clubhouse, there's no doubt about what the Orioles can accomplish, although center fielder Adam Jones has had his way with the team whiteboard a few times this spring to post motivational messages. It's business as usual for manager Buck Showalter's club, and frankly, they'd prefer to stay out of the spotlight as long as possible.

"You have to understand how this team operates," said closer Jim Johnson, one of three All-Stars on last year's squad. "We don't really pay much attention. I mean, we hear a couple things -- there was some motivation given to us by a former Red Sox manager last year, so we hear some things -- but we don't really care what anybody says. We know what we have to do to get ready for the season and what it takes to get to where we want to be at the end of the season."

Added first baseman Chris Davis: "After being picked dead last in the division so many times, I think you get to the point where you are just kind of numb to it. The biggest thing for us is to continue to trust one another, continue to rely on one another and keep the family theme going here."