The backup quarterback, or who we think should be the backup quarterback for Dallas Cowboys is missing.

Kyle Orton is thinking of retirement.

Team officials anticipated Orton coming to the voluntary offseason workouts. Didn't happen.

Then team officials said Orton was expected to show up for the mandatory three-day minicamp last week. Didn't happen.

Coach Jason Garrett, who shares the same agent as Orton, anticipates him coming to training camp in late July.

Will it happen?

It appears doubtful because Orton wants to retire. He doesn't care about the amount of money, nearly $3.2 million in base salary that will be lost.

All the fines and signing bonus money the team wants back, it most likely won't happen. They can ask, but it doesn't mean they're going to get it. The fine money the team gets is from the base salary. If there's no base salary then there's, in reality, no fine money.

In terms of the signing bonus money the Cowboys want back, it's from the 2012 and 2013 seasons. How could they get that money back?

Orton participated in those seasons already, including in the regular-season finale with Tony Romo out with a back surgery.

So this leaves the Cowboys with a 30-year old as the backup quarterback to Romo in Brandon Weeden.