David Ortiz played first base in the Red Sox' 6-3 exhibition win against Boston College last night. And in today's workout, Adrian Gonzalez will take fly balls in the outfield.

It isn't a case of mistaken identity, just part of manager Bobby Valentine's plan to better prepare the Red Sox for interleague play.

Last season, former manager Terry Francona wrestled with the decision of whether to use Ortiz at first base and Gonzalez in right field during interleague games in National League ballparks. Ultimately, the Red Sox used the lineup only twice, and Ortiz saw only 13 plate appearances in a nine-game stretch from June 23-July 3.

Francona's chief concern was that both players would be out of position, increasing their risk of injury. Valentine is taking measures in spring training to ensure that won't be an issue, even though the Red Sox' first interleague series isn't until May 18-20 in Philadelphia against the Phillies.