It’s been more than 10 months for Jake Arrieta. Finally, he had a win even if it wasn’t very pretty.

Arrieta started out by allowing a first-pitch home run, then polished off the second batter in a not-so-tidy 13 pitches. In the end, he was basically finished after five innings, but the Orioles held on for a 5-4 win over the Tampa Bay Rays before 14,670 at Oriole Park on Tuesday night.

Arrieta (1-0) was taken out after walking the first batter in the sixth inning on his 112th pitch.

Manager Buck Showalter managed to put a positive spin on Arrieta’s outing, though his massive pitch counts continue to frustrate him.

“He was the winning pitcher tonight in a Major League game against an American League East team? I’m proud of him for battling through,” Showalter said.

“We’ve won all three games he’s started in. But there’s better there.”

For now, Arrieta remains in the rotation, and at times he was rolling when he struck out four of five hitters. He also walked five batters.

“He’s capable of pitching seven, eight, nine innings and we hope it happens,” Showalter said.

Arrieta is given to overanalyzing his performance.

“The win is the biggest part of the night. I would have liked to be out there a little bit longer but the pitch count got up. They stuck with me in the sixth, let me go back out, and I just wasn't able to command the ball then. I might have run out of gas a little bit but I had a lot left in the tank, still. So I appreciate them letting me go back out there and see what I could do. I just wasn't able to get out of that inning,” Arrieta said.