Several contracts will be negotiated this month at Chargers Park.

None will quite resemble last week's Donald Butler deal.

The specific numbers are now known on the inside linebacker's extension. Essentially, he signed two deals with one signature, an elaborate seven-year, $51.8 million contract with the final four years pinned to a club option.

Butler received an $11.15 million signing bonus, prorated over the next five seasons.

He will count a team-friendly $2.98 million against the 2014 salary cap. His cap number is scheduled to be $5.48 million in 2015 and won't dip below $7.75 million after that, the type of climb that runs accordant to the expected increase in overall salary cap in the coming years.

This year's salary cap is $133, up from $123 million in 2013.

Butler, 25, stands to receive an additional $12 million if — probably "when" — his four-year option is exercised. That must be done by the fifth day following the Super Bowl that concludes the 2016 season.

Without the option, the first three years are worth $19.8 million.

His option bonus prorates over the final five seasons in the deal. Butler's peak cap cost comes in the three seasons where his signing bonus and option bonus overlap against the cap. He'll count $9.28 million in 2016 and 2018, and $8.63 million in 2017. Escalators could increase the cost in the four option years.