The Columbus Blue Jackets are turning a corner.

The club is in its final week of the playoff hunt and enjoying its second consecutive winning season. Columbus fans are rewarding the team's efforts by upping game attendance and ticket revenue after years of concern fueling the widely held notion that Columbus isn't a viable hockey market.

The bottom line appears as though it is -- when the team is winning.

"This is a great market," said Larry Hoepfner, Executive Vice President of Business Operations. "Our fans are waiting for us. We're getting there -- brick-by-brick. All of our metrics are up -- ticket revenue, season ticket sales, corporate sponsorships. We have a lot of room to grow, but our metrics say we can accomplish it."

Of the metrics the organization looks to each year, the most important is ticket revenue.

"This year our season ticket sales are up over 20 percent with 8,600 season ticket holders," Hoepfner said. "That exceeded our goal for the year."

The Jackets are also seeing consistency in 'walk-up' or single-game ticket sales.

"We have about three to six thousand in walk-ups per night, depending on the game," Hoepfner said. "That has been very consistent for us year-over-year."

Those sales are valuable. According to, while average attendance across the league has dropped by about half a percent from last season, the Blue Jackets average attendance has increased by .5 percent over last year. The team is also seeing improvement in percentage of capacity filled going from 30th last season now moving up two spots to 28th this year. Those are small steps but they signify progress.