It's always kind of sad when those evil directors from NESN, ESPN, Fox and other networks feel compelled to give us multiple, obligatory dugout two-shots of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez during every Red Sox-Yankees telecast.

The suggestion, via these two-shots, is that Jeter and A-Rod are a pinstriped tandem, a modern-day Ruth & Gehrig, or Maris & Mantle.

That's not the case, of course, and it has nothing to do with the fact that by many accounts Jeter and A-Rod aren't exactly BFFs. (Besides, long before there were BFFs, Ruth and Gehrig were not BFFs.)

No, this is about each player's place in the hearts of Yankees fans and their general standing in the New York social whirl. To put it another way: Jeter has always been "in," and A-Rod, while never really "in" to begin with, is now so "out" in New York that you'd think he'd be begging for a trade to his hometown Miami Marlins.