The Giants' decision to give Eli Manning his starting job back isn't sitting well with everyone in the locker room. With Manning set to start against the Cowboys on Sunday, that means that Geno Smith will be headed back to the bench, and he's clearly not happy about that.

During an interview on Wednesday, Smith didn't mince words when he was asked, point blank, if he was happy with the team's decision to start Manning.

"I wasn't," Smith said, via quotes provided by the team. "Any competitor wouldn't be."

Smith, who was named the Giants starting quarterback last week after Manning was surprisingly benched, threw for 212 yards and a touchdown in New York's 24-17 loss to the Raiders on Sunday, although he also lost two fumbles.

Despite the turnovers, Smith clearly thought he played well enough in Oakland to earn a second start.

"To be put in that situation where you get a chance to play and then you're being pulled, but it's not because you played bad so you try to figure out why," Smith said. "But you got to understand that some things happen in this business and you just got to roll with it."

Smith was so shocked about getting pulled this week in favor of Manning that he's still trying to figure out why the Giants are sending him to the bench.

"That's something that maybe I'll figure out along the road, but as of now, no," Smith said, when asked if knew why he was being benched.

Although Smith is upset with Steve Spaguolo's decision to start Manning this week, the Giants backup quarterback also added that he's not looking for any sympathy from fans.

"I don't need any sympathy. I'm built for all of this," Smith said. "I'm built for everything that's going to come my way and I know that all of these tests and these trials are preparing me for something greater. So I look at adversity as something that can be positive. I'm thankful for the adversity and I look forward to it."

Spagnuolo, who was named the Giants interim coach on Monday after Ben McAdoo was fired, admitted that Smith wasn't happy about the team's decision to go with Manning.