Don't be surprised if some of the Steelers' restricted free agents have the "restricted" removed come March 12. • The Steelers have a whopping 18 unrestricted free agents, and the future of those players has been debated high and low for several weeks. Equally as interesting is a much smaller group of restricted free agents. With the Steelers projected to be about $14 million over the salary cap, they need to make some important choices on whether to keep players, reduce contracts or release players.

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They also must decide what, if any, tenders they place on their restricted free agents. Those tenders will count against their salary cap, a reason they must not only get under their estimated $122 million cap by March 12, but get under it far enough to accommodate the tenders they will offer their RFAs.

There has been no official release of what the RFA numbers will be, but we'll go with what the NFL Network's Albert Breer reported last month: $2.879 million for first-round compensation, $2.023 million for second-round compensation and $1.323 million for original draft choice compensation.