While many Buffalo Bills fans seemed to have their mind made up about quarterback Tyrod Taylor, the front office is still in wait-and-see mode. Even if they have made up their minds about the 2017 club option on his contract, they are keeping that information close to the vest.

On Friday morning, Bills general manager Doug Whaley joined the team's radio station, WGR 500, to discuss a variety of topics. Naturally, he was asked about his quarterback, what he would like to see from him and how he will be evaluated.

Here's the back and forth from WGR host Howard Simon and Whaley.

Q: What is your approach when evaluating Tyrod Taylor?

A: You have to look at the whole season. He's got four more games to write this chapter, and then after the season, like everybody on the team, we're going to do the evaluation and we'll go from there. This season is one of those things where he's done some things really good to get us to six wins. But just like everybody on the team, there's some plays that he wishes he could do over.