A week ago, Eno Sarris writing at Fangraphs, posted an article about the Cardinals recent crop of pre-arbitration players and their age. The premise was that the emergence of players like Allen Craig and Matt Carpenter who are premiering at what is considered an "old" age for baseball players -- 24 or older -- may be a trend. This included players like David Freese and Jon Jay in addition to Craig and Carpenter. Sarris attempted to test this theory and came to the following conclusion:

These things don't often have a clean answer. The Cardinals are a competitive team, and sometimes it takes a bit to crack their starting lineup. They don't take college players more than most, but perhaps they have been successful on the college players they have taken. And maybe to their credit, they are willing to give older rookies a shot at regular playing time despite their age.

The Cardinals don't quite prefer them old. But even with older players, they are ready to play ball. It might just mean more peak years under team control.

The one critique I have is that I would have rather of seen the # of plate appearances those players received rather than a straight count of how many older players debuted. As Sarris says, however, these things don't often have a clean answer. And I'm not really hear to further his argument. Rather, I want to point out something odd I saw when considering his argument.