Kevin Martin is sitting in front of his locker in a mostly empty Oklahoma City Thunder locker room but gladly takes off his head phones to talk to a reporter from Ohio before Sunday evening's game against the Cavaliers.

He says he feels as comfortable as he looks after the stunning Oct. 28 trade that brought him from the Houston Rockets to the Thunder as part of the trade for James Harden.

"It's getting more comfortable by the day," said Martin, a native of Zanesville who spent the past three seasons in Houston after six in Sacramento. "They made my transition very smooth. Playing with a great team like this I'm just trying to fit in and just be a positive guy. That Saturday night after the trade, the [players] were getting a hold of me. I talked to the GM [Sam Presti], coach [Scott] Brooks, got the hard part out of the way. From there it's just been easy."

Brooks, a former Cavalier, said Martin has done his part to fit in.

"He's been around the league for a while and he knows how to play," Brooks said. "He plays without the ball, and he's not demanding the ball. He doesn't have that type of personality, so he fit in pretty quickly. We have a good group of guys who open things up. It's not a "we're-not-going-to- let-you-in" type of club. Our leaders understand that it's a business and accepted him quickly.