Caris LeVert is looking different nowadays. First, there’s the new haircut. It’s faded up and a little longer on top, somehow making him look a little rounder; less lean. Then there’s the smile. The braces finally came off and his baby face is beginning to age.

During one workout session this summer, though, Michigan assistant basketball coach LaVall Jordan noticed something else. He called over to the junior guard and looked at him.

“I told him, ‘I can’t believe I’m watching the same guy,’” Jordan remembered Tuesday morning, speaking to WTKA-AM in Ann Arbor. “Just because he’s playing at a really good pace and the game has really slowed down for him in his mind.”

Which is good because while the game is slowing down, all of LeVert’s responsibilities are ratcheting up.

The Wolverines’ leading returning scorer was tasked with improving his shooting and distributing over the offseason. The progress was slowed by April surgery to correct a stress fracture in his foot, but by all accounts, LeVert is coming into the 2014-15 season as a bigger, better basketball player.

“Guys understand and learn how to hesitate and evaluate. That’s where Caris’ pace from freshman year to now is,” Jordan said, adding, “He’s added strength, so now he can hold his leverage with guys on his hip. His body and his base is stronger. All of that is a process and you build up to that point to be able to make those decisions, as you saw with Nik (Stauskas) last year.