O.J. Mayo poured in 28 points Wednesday night against Portland. It was the most he’d scored since Jan. 2, when he had 30 in a loss at Miami. It was his high game in a victory since the 40-point night he had in Houston on Dec. 8.

Of course, the losses had pretty heavily outweighed the win since then.

“I was trying to be aggressive,” Mayo said. “The ball felt great leaving my hands.”

Mayo had a near-flawless first half, when he hit 8-of-9 shots and had 20 points. After a quiet third quarter, he scored six of the Mavericks’ final 10 points to ice a 105-99 decision.

Also of note, Mayo had four turnovers, but the rest of the Mavericks had only four others. The eight giveaways tied the Mavericks’ season low.

Perhaps most illuminating was the Mavericks’ 38-9 advantage in bench points. The Blazers are notoriously thin and the Mavericks pushed the pace all night and finally ran down the perhaps-overworked Portland starters down the stretch.

“It worked out in our favor,” said Bernard James. “We’re a lot deeper than they are. Our bench can contribute a lot more than theirs can.”

In the second half, the Mavericks’ reserves outscored Portland’s backups 20-2.