O.J. Mayo had 24 points, but it was the nine turnovers he contributed to the Mavericks' total of 28 that had him most disturbed after the 117-115 double-overtime loss to Boston.

In his role as the Mavericks' go-to man in Dirk Nowitzki's absence, Mayo has been a solid scorer and, at times, big time producer. But when the Celtics trapped hard on the Mavericks' pick and roll plays, forcing Mayo to pass, it led to a bundle of his turnovers.

"They were blitzing pretty hard on the pick and roll," Mayo said. "I was trying to throw the ball to an open spot so we could still get a shot. But with them zoning up, it's hard to throw that. I'm sure we'll see more of that defense.

"We had so many opportunities to take control of that game and win."

The Celtics scored 34 points off of the Mavericks' miscues. Pierce poured in 34 points and Rondo narrowly missed his second triple double of the season with 16 points, 15 assists and nine rebounds.

"What I am is encouraged," said coach Rick Carlisle. "Because to have 28 turnovers and give up 34 points off turnovers and be in the game with this team is an encouraging sign. It means we have lot of positive upside to us. And we got to find it, with efficiency. And we can do it. I believe in these guys. They showed a lot of guts hanging in this thing."

Guts? Yes. Care for the ball and attention to detail? No.

The Mavericks went to a small lineup for most of the fourth quarter and overtimes and it was effective against the Celtics. But Boston was jumping hard on the Mavericks' pick and roll and forcing Mayo to make passes, too many of which went awry.