Phil Kessel and Dale Weise are lucky — being suspended for the pre-season is like being suspended from math class.

Punishment? More like ‘Thank you sir may I have another?’

If Sam Gagner had been suspended for the pre-season he wouldn’t have a broken jaw and the Edmonton Oilers wouldn’t be living hand to mouth at centre.

It’s a necessary evil about four games of which aren’t even really necessary.

Fortunately the long and painfully boring exercise is almost over.

“It’s nice to know that this is our last exhibition game” said Edmonton Oilers winger Taylor Hall on the eve of Friday’s date with the Dallas Stars in Oklahoma City. “It’s your last game to really get what you need to get going.

“It’s a long training camp and some of the games are a bit meaningless but now we know we have one more game to prep and then it’s show time.”

It’s also the first look at Edmonton’s final roster. With all of the cuts in the books head coach Dallas Eakins can now focus on lines and systems and all of the other elements he wants in place for opening night.

“It’s so good just because you can start to get detailed in your practices and start to look at some lines” said Eakins who ran a nearly two-hour session Thursday afternoon. “Today was the first day we’ve worked on a power play. We’ve been putting a lot of thought into it as we’ve gone through the exhibition but now we can really see if it’s going to work.