It was like everybody in the gathering of media surrounding Ryan Nugent-Hopkins at 11 a.m. Sunday was far more excited for The Nuge than he seemed to be for himself.

It was like everybody who showed up the morning after his three-goal performance in only his third NHL game Saturday night was expecting it to have all kicked in for the 18-year-old and that he would wake up giddy.

I don't know what we were expecting him to say, exactly. Maybe something like ...

"I can't believe this is happening to me! This is incredible! A hat trick in my third game! And against the Vancouver Canucks, the team I grew up following in Burnaby as a kid! This is unreal! And I hear it broke some records! There's no way they can send me back to Red Deer now! I'm gob-smacked! I'm over the moon! I feel like climbing on top of the tallest building in Edmonton and shouting I'm king of the world!"