Given half a chance, Ben Scrivens could have written another chapter to the 'Man Bites Sharks' story he had going.

Twenty-six minutes into the game, Scrivens had made 18 consecutive saves to go with the NHL record-stetting 59-on Jan. 29 against the same Sharks.

It was then he experienced why there have been so many episodes of the documentary series 'Oil Change'.

When it was over the Edmonton team which had suffered a 3-1 loss to the 30th place Buffalo Sabres and an 8-1 to the 26th place Calgary Flames had dropped another one, 5-2 to the conference leading San Jose Sharks.

The Oilers have now been outscored 16-4 in their last three home games. The Anaheim Ducks are here Friday.

For the longest time Scrivens hadn't seen it. The Oilers were on a 10-4-3 run. But now he has. Live and in person in living color on his doorstep.