There will be no trading of the core eight or nine players on the Edmonton Oilers who are 24 years and younger.

There will be no firing of new coach Dallas Eakins.

There are deals to be done right now to help solve short term problems but they are not in the long term interest of the Oilers and won't be made.

Expect Edmonton to use their first round draft choice -- which could possibly be another No.1 overall if you look at the current standings -- to make a deal for a significant piece to the puzzle as soon as possible instead of drafting another 18-year-old to add to the collection already assembled.

GM Craig MacTavish went out of his way Thursday to make those statements and to put the focus on himself.

Wayne Gretzky did it at the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics with Team Canada. With Canadians ready to throw themselves off Niagara Falls or the nearest Rocky Mountain back home, Gretzky took the focus off the players and coaches and took it on himself.

MacTavish met with the players on his 4-14-2 29th place team to deliver words he believed they needed to hear from him. And then, when the players were on the ice at practice, he gathered the media in the interview room to share the same thoughts and deliver messages to the Oilers ready-to-revolt fan base.

There's going to be no Stanley Cup to match that first gold medal in 50 years Gretzky helped inspire. Even if Edmonton went 40-20-2 in the remaining games of the season it wouldn't get them into the playoffs. But MacTavish delivered messages everybody needed to hear.

"I think we can group everybody into the same general category. Media. Management. Coaches. Players. Ownership. I know we're all frustrated. It's painful!"

MacTavish essentially offered himself up for fans wanting to play the blame game. Blame the general manager.

"My self-satisfaction level is not too high right now."

But mostly it was time to deliver the stability speech.

"My fundamental objective when I took the team over in April was to turn the team over to the eight or nine guys that I felt comfortable would lead us into much more successful times. That transition is taking place.