Two more losses and Steve Tambellini’s battle plan for Trade Deadline day would be easy.

Sell, sell, sell.

Unload all the UFAs, and any other expendable parts that might be overvalued by a contending team desperate for depth, and let the draft picks flow in.

And if the Oilers had just two more wins right now, his course of action would be equally simple.

Buy, buy, buy.

Throw a handful of draft picks and a minor-league prospect or two into a gift basket and see which hapless rebuilding seller (other than Calgary, of course) will give up the most for it.

It’s a pretty basic formula at this time of year: If you’re in the playoffs, you buy, and if you’re out of the playoffs, you sell.

But what happens when you’re pretty much in a four-way tie for ninth, one point out of eighth, with 13 games to go?

What category is best when your team is as close and exhilarated as it’s been since 2006, but they’re still a long-shot to make it?

We find out Wednesday morning when 30 NHL general managers start rummaging through each other’s rosters like grannies in a bargain basement.

With the Oilers stuck in no-man’s land, the best course of action could be to sit back and do nothing, which might make their rather deliberate management crew uniquely qualified for the job.

And they might not have a choice.

There’s no way the Oilers can decide to be sellers. You can’t miss the playoff for six years in a row, charging some of the NHL’s highest prices to see the NHL’s worst team, promising they’re about to take a significant step, and then pull the rug out when they’re finally close enough to make things exciting in the final few weeks of the season.

It would be bad for the city and worse in the dressing room.