During his Tuesday press conference, Steve Spurrier was asked to share his thoughts on Ray Rice getting cut from the Baltimore Ravens in response to the leaked video of Rice's assault of his then-fiancee. The Head Ball Coach did not mince words regarding his zero tolerance policy for assaulting women:

I've had a rule ever since I've been here that if you ever hit a girl, you're not going to play on our team. You're finished. And we've had two players here - one was about seven years ago, the other was about nine years ago.

We're not going to have any player on our team that's done that. I can't understand why every coach doesn't have that rule and why every company doesn't have that rule for their employees. I think it could put a pretty good end to this stuff. Really, it's amazing that America has sorta put up with it or compromised, but that is something that should never happen. Our players know that they're gone if they hit a girl. They know it.