The Edmonton Oilers are poised to announce the purchase of the most fun franchise in all of professional hockey.

Sometime this month, your correspondent has learned, Daryl Katz will become owner of the Oilers ECHL farm franchise which currently stars goaltender Laurent Brossoit and has had incredible international publicity from several wacky and wonderful promotions.

The Oilers relocated their Double A minor league farm affiliation here from Stockton this year.

The team has been owned for 16 years by Wall Street’s Jonathan Fleisig, a previous owner of the Las Vegas Wranglers and current owner of baseball minor league Lake Country Fielders of the Northern League and the Lorado Lemurs of the American Association.

The idea of the NHL Oilers deciding to purchase the franchise is believed to be motivated by having the ability to control the supply of prospects not signed to NHL or AHL contracts.

The appeal of owning the team is having the ability to convince undrafted players without contracts to play here. They’d be joining a team where they’d know there’d be eyes on them all the time, a big appeal for players in the low minors.

But it also looks to be a pretty good purchase as a business and certainly to have a little fun with, even though the Oilers organization hasn’t been a real fun outfit in recent years. Maybe something might rub off.

The Condors have averaged 5,101 fans so far this season. They currently rank seventh in the 23-team league where Bakersfield has consistently ended up in the top five drawing franchises, despite missing the playoffs the last two years in the Western Conference, where eight of the nine teams make the playoffs. Hard to do.

“This year we guaranteed if we didn’t make the playoffs you’d get free season tickets or six packs next year,” said Ryan Holt, director of broadcasting and media relations.

The Condors started the season 1-10-1 but have since got hot with Brossoit.

The club has out-drawn the Oilers’ Oklahoma City Barons AHL franchise, which is averaging 3,244 after averaging 3,788 the previous three seasons combined. OKC was dead last in AHL attendance last year.

The Condors are having so much fun here they’re bringing back memories of baseball promoter Bill Veeck.

They haven’t figured out how to do the equivalent of sending a midget to bat yet, like Veeck did with the old St. Louis Browns with Eddie Gaedel. They haven’t figured out a twist to replicate his “Grandstand Manager’s Day” where thousands of fans held up placards to vote on various in-game decisions. There’s no exploding scoreboard like the one Veeck invented in Comiskey Park, when he owned the Chicago White Sox. And fortunately they haven’t had a Disco Demolition Night which resulted in a riot and a forfeit of a game.

But they did have a live condor last season and you are hereby given permission to interrupt reading this column to go to YouTube and type “condor takes over hockey game, owner falls trying to catch bird” to watch one of the most hilarious moments in pro sports promotional history.