Ever since he relieved an aging, ailing Jason Isringhausen (and shut down now-teammate Carlos Beltran on a curveball that cast a loop the Apollo 13 astronauts would've been proud of) on the way to the Cardinals first world championship in 24 years, Adam Wainwright has been one of my favorite players. Tall, handsome, humble, Adam is very easy to like.

Supplying 22.9 fWAR in 1000+ innings makes him even easier to like.

Only one pitcher has been worth more fWAR in fewer innings since 2007 - Clayton Kershaw. Even having missed almost a season and a half in that time to the DL, Wainwright is still the 16th best pitcher by fWAR in the 2007-12 period. By ERA, he's the 8th best among qualified starters in that period; by FIP, 14th; by xFIP, 20th. His health setbacks - a torn pulley tendon in 2008 and a snapped UCL that required TJ surgery in 2011 - have been frustrating for a team that sorely needed his arm. Even if that 2011 thing worked out okay in the end. In 2012, his season began with a frustrating string of bad outcome starts, amassing a 7.32 ERA through April.